Guess whos back!

Hi everyone!
That is right, it’s me Angelina! I’m back in town!

I’m proud to announce that I am back writing and updating you all with some awesome things! I can not wait to be back and uploading!

So In case you’ve all forgotten me, here is a little thing I made earlier!

I’m currently in college, i’m a fully committed and sophisticated person when it comes to something I particularly enjoy doing. My weakness is that i’m not afraid to speak my mind. If someone is clearly doing something and when questioned they deny it I certainly state the evidence of what went on. I’m not afraid to put people in their place.

I’m a type of person who used to be super into Xbox and PlayStation games, but I shortly left that world in 2012 to join CPPS.me. This is where my sever life began, a small Angelina on a big cpps. Collecting many different friends and leading to going on to many different servers and where we are today!

Thank you for reading!
Glad to be back,
– Angelina


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