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Hey everyone,

Yet another CPPS has come to the community! This goes by the name of GreenDreamCP. From what I’ve seen so far, this CPPS, in my opinion, is one of the most unique CPPS I’ve laid my eyes on! This is definitely a very advanced AS2 CPPS and they plan on adding even more to make it the best it can be for their users. So, Jennifer, what makes GreenDreamCP one of a kind?

Well, let me explain it to you. GreenDreamCP has their own custom items, custom backgrounds, and they have awesome-looking staff badges! One of the staff also told me that they will be releasing custom emotes later on, as well as a few custom parties. They also have ~ (for the bot), !, and # commands (# is for staff only). Usually, a CPPS only sticks to ! commands. So I have to hand it to them, that’s pretty neat!

Let’s begin to look into the features. Of course, like any CPPS, this CPPS has nameglow and bubblecolor, but it only seems to be available to VIP users.


There is a command page showing the VIP commands for nameglow and bubblecolor.

Let’s see what else they have – oh WAIT, what’s THIS?

Penguin Glow!

It seems that this CPPS has penguin glow as well! Again, though, it is for VIPs. I’m quite impressed. Looking into the features some more, I noticed that this CPPS has speed. So many great things, yet so much more to talk about!

Is that a custom item?!

I noticed the bot had something in his mouth, and I pulled up his playercard to notice this custom item dangling from his mouth. Hey, I mean, it looks pretty cool on him! I guess it’s one of the few custom items in the game so far. I have seen a few players with custom backgrounds, and they look astounding! Speaking of which…

I see one!

Well, that’s a rather interesting background. I’ve never seen one like it. Maybe later on we can have custom backgrounds! I can also see that the staff have an M badge. When they are in the room, their “member” comes up as a certain letter, depending on who the player is. I’m inspired!

The penguins you see may have a colored ring (also being VIP), and the ring moves –

Thank you Rock N Gem for allowing me to take a picture of you!

The rings in GreenDreamCP are, again, like nothing I have seen before. As we keep digging deeper and deeper into this CPPS features, I become more and more amazed!

This CPPS also has a custom map layout. It’s super simple, but I certainly do like the looks of it myself –

Another VIP command I really like is the !WOW command. This command allows you to walk on walls.

Oh wait, but I haven’t told you about one of the best parts! There is a snowball color command, and I’m completely in love with it due to it’s creativity –

I just love throwing snowballs, and when they’re colored? That’s double the fun right there for me!

There is also mood glow and mood color, something else to spice up your experience on this CPPS –

Oh, how I wish I had a custom background! I did see a few staff with music playing on their playercard. Maybe that’ll be a feature for the players too one day!

Let’s begin talking about the staff. The staff on GreenDreamCP are very sweet and they’re very welcoming to any new player. So, if you have had an experience with bad staff on another CPPS, you certainly won’t with this one! I truly cannot wait for when they release a few custom items!

This CPPS has just gotten out of beta, so finding any bugs is unlikely. However, if you do find a few bugs, do not be afraid to report them to the staff. They’ll be very glad you’d had told them about it anyway!

The bot also can do certain things by command. He also reacts to an emote you do, or something you say. Whenever you feel like messing around with the bot, just pull up the commands page and start using the bot commands right away! –

Rock N Gem always sneaking into my pictures, hah!

You get the drift. You can make the bot sit, dance, do the moonwalk, joke, move, become a mascot, throw a snowball, follow, unfollow, and wiki!

I also forgot to add that the loading screen is a shade of black instead of blue –

Igloos also seem to work, as well as the !AF command! –

There is also a manager for the CPPS, stats, and an items page which is coming soon. As you can tell, many of these commands are for VIPs only. VIP is only 3 dollars, and to me, it is worth the money. Even if you cannot get VIP for some reason, maybe if you apply for staff and get accepted – not only will you have a new awesome CPPS to work at, but access to the VIP commands! With VIP, you get an absolute ton of commands, and paying only 3 dollars will not only help the CPPS itself, but it will give you so many more abilities in the game. Even without VIP, the CPPS is an absolute load of fun, take that from me!

Seeing the town right now, it’s not your normal town –


Well, that pretty much sums it up for this CPPS. There is more coming soon, and so there will be more posts coming up regarding this CPPS. I bet you’re dying to join, so come on down! I go on this CPPS whenever I have the time to, so I hope I see you on there!

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