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Hello everyone, since I’m a fellow member of OldCP I have been on the new forums a lot lately. On Tuesday I saw that there was a new announcement from Damen, like everyone else I was very surprised and was wondering what he had to say. I was so happy when I read he was planning to hold another game of mods. His first post was published asking what days, everyone was available and wanted to handle the biz.


Then just yesterday he came back with yet another post telling us all when the games would be held. To my surprise they are actually this weekend! If you have been to any other GOM then you would know that they are held Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The starting time for the games is 4 PM EST on all three days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). They will be held in /jr office or /office. The team list was released today and it looks like we have a big batch of teams this year. These are the teams for this year.

If you would like to join one of these teams or try to start your own team I have the leaders of the existing teams forums account linked, this would be an easy way to contact them. If you would want to try to start your own team I would contact Rocket.

If you are new or don’t know how GOM works I will explain a little bit about how it works. So a whole bunch of teams goes head to head in a series of challenges for them to complete. Teams are eliminated little by little until one team is left. Then the team members of the last team will go head to head in a final challenge. The winning team member is granted the mod rank. Well, that’s about it for GOM, hope I see everyone there! Have a nice night everyone

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