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Today we bring you a series of unfortunate news. The server known as ‘GalaxyCP’ has closed. GalaxyCP first closed for an unknown reason, but in a recent statement from the owner of GalaxyCP (Super) he explains why GalaxyCP has shut down.

“Hello everyone,
I will have to quit SpeedyCPPSHQ as I am really busy with real life situations, so with quitting SpeedyCPPSHQ as a contributor, I will shut down GalaxyCP in two weeks. Good luck everyone.”


GalaxyCP was a well known CPPS averaging 20-40 users a day, making it not so popular but popular in a unique sort of way. Galaxy had features such as bubblecolor, free nameglow, free ringcolor and an add all items feature.

Galaxy will be missed by many. For more information on Galaxy, check out my interview with Super here.




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