Future Of The CPPS Community.

Hey guys!
Today I write as one of you.  This may not be the most upbeat post, but I feel it needs to be said to save this great community.
Can I just start off by saying how much I love this community.  This has been the last five years of my life and I’ve loved every second of it,  I wouldn’t have stayed this long if I didn’t, and I wouldn’t trade these experiences for anything and I genuinely mean that.  I remember when I first joined clearly in 2011, and I know it’s not details of me joining you want to hear, you’ve had enough of that. But I just remember thinking how nice everyone was.  I can tell you it is nothing like how it has felt in recent years, or weeks even.  There really is no way to describe it other than ‘People helping people.’  I know I cannot bring the past back, so lets forget the past.  It is over, done with.  I want to talk about the future guys.

We can’t keep surviving like this.  This is not what a community runs on,  we are running off of hate, abuse, and threats for the most part.  You can’t speak your mind anymore without fear of getting hacked or a threat of ddosing you or your site.  It’s ridiculous!  This kind of behaviour never would have been tolerated in the beginning!  Doesn’t it make you the least bit sad to know that you are running this community downhill faster that it began?  I know I’m not the only one who is sad at the thought of this community  coming to an end.  We have to stop the hate and trolling, or at least decrease it significantly, because the only thing that is decreasing right now is views that our servers get.  This is not directed at the great people we have because I’ll get to you later.  This is for the people who I know love this place but treat it like trash.   Where does it end? The hate?  Because at this rate it ends with our servers having zero people online.  Mirai is closing, that’s another major server gone.   Whats next?  Always be thinking of that.  Right now, this is no longer a place I wish to stay in, but I feel I must as I once had so much joy logging in.

How can you fix it?  This is not certain death guys.  It can get better.  Don’t tolerate the people who threaten to hack and try and crash us.  Show them that we are a force to be reckoned with!  Act like a moderator even if it’s not your job, help people, not because you have power but because we need to keep this community alive and healthy.  Help new users, so they want to come back and we are not left with so many accounts that were only logged into once.  New users are key to this system running and staying alive.

To the users who are as old as I am, we know how this works.  We know how this started and we know how this will end if this continues; we have seen the community come so far and I know you don’t want to watch it die.

To the new users, hi I’m Ana, welcome! Let me know if you need anything I promise you that this community can be amazing! Just don’t give up on us!  We won’t give up on you!

To the users that have only been around a little bit.  This community is in your hands.  Help it stay alive.  I know and have meet some of you, enough to know that most of you are amazing people who I love to be around.  Try you hardest to keep us up for another 6 years or even longer.

To the people who are bringing us down.  Stop, join us in making us amazing again.  We won’t go down with you, and I don’t understand why you want to bring us down.  I know you must love it as much as we do, otherwise you wouldn’t spend as much time as you do on the sites.  But think is the end really what you want to see come of this?

We need to end this guys, re-build ourselves and make it amazing, with the new knowledge and bright young minds we have creating these servers, we will have so much to do.  But it’s up to you to keep us going that long.  Does it make you sad to think about the end?  There doesn’t need to be one for a long  time, but its you your hands.  You decide this, not me.  I’m just one person who has been around awhile, who doesn’t want to see this end, just like you.  I know you are all amazing and we can do it, even the people who are causing this.  We are not on our own in this, as much as you think it’s just you there are others who enjoy this.  If we keep thinking of ourselves as singles, we will not get anywhere.  So find that new user and act like a mod even if you are not one.  Because they, they will keep this community up and running for a very long time!

In conclusion, it is up to you guys to make this community what it was.  You guys are amazing and I know you can do it. I’ll be here to, until it gets unbearable.  We can band together and show everyone, not just the people who want to bring us down, everyone, that the CPPS community is something to be messed with.  We just need to come together and decide that we want this for ourselves.  I want future generations to enjoy what we once had so much pleasure losing ourselves in, a virtual reality. I hope we as a community decide to unite.

Thanks for reading my little rant,



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