FrozenCPPS: An innovative CPPS

Hey everyone,

I’ve some great news for you! Can you guess what it is? Yes, it is a brand new CPPS’.

What is it about?

Well, when I visited their ‘about us’ page it said that FrozenCPPS originally started back in 2013, but it is back in development again with stability, security and also comes packed with features. I just love the website design, it is very simple and the logo is great in design except for the quality. As you can see they also have a manager which of course helps you in changing your password and of course do a lot of things to help you with the game which is really great for a newly created CPPS’.

Now, lets talk about in-game features. The in-game features are common as it is being used by many other CPPSes, but for the fact the game has a commands page which can by found by clicking here. As you can see the commands page has a lot of commands like normal commands, outfit commands and vip commands which can only be used by a VIP user!

I’m expecting more upcoming features from this CPPS, so are you! For that we will of course keep you updated as we always do.


If you want to be updated with their updates, you can also join the Discord chat to suggest ideas or even apply for staff!




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