Frosty’s Updates

“You’ll be frozen!” – Frosty Team

Frosty was an old server that impressed many mostly with it’s originality. It still impresses people, but not as many as the server itself did before. We can see that Frosty is clearly trying to change that by making updates that will hopefully progress the server in it’s efficiency and reliability making the server even better than it was before. Here are some of Frosty’s newest features featured in one post.

Playercard emotions

This penguin looks pretty suprised!

Playercard emotions are an uncommon feature for CPPSes to have, since both the previous version of Mirai – Oasis and the previous successor to Frosty – CPPS.one, so we’ve only seen this feature on a few servers before.

Chat text glow

Chat text glow is unique. You might be wondering, is that name glow or something? No, when you’re typing on the interface, the chat text actually glows. You can change the color that your chat text glows by saying !CTG (hexcode) Please note that this is a VIP feature only.

This chat box speaks the truth.

Party Switcher Improvements


Above, you can see Frosty’s party switcher. Frosty has completely redesigned the interface of the party switcher and added a few new parties, giving you a vast array of parties to select from. These parties are:

  • Fair 2011
  • Holiday 2011
  • April Fools 2012
  • Adventure 2012
  • Easter 2012
  • Fair 2012
  • Medieval 2012
  • Puffle 2012
  • Halloween 2012
  • Holiday 2012
  • Card Jitsu 2013
  • Hollywood 2013
  • Marvel 2013
  • The Frozen 2014
  • The Fair 2014
  • Halloween 2006

It is also rumored that Frosty will soon be releasing playercard hue! Here’s a quote from the creator of Frosty:

“We have made improvements to the party switcher, and have added much more features. Playercard hue will soon be coming out soon.” -Kevin, creator of Frosty

Why not try out these new features yourself?

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