FrostPengu: What happens after beta?

Hi people,

So, the real question is what happens after the beta? They are planning a lot of things such as their own custom party, hues, custom items and much more! At this beta they might do a giveaway, visit this Link for more info. As stated they are going to host a lot of competitions such as hide n seek, snowball fight and lots more!

For the giveaway they don’t have a correct date yet, but you can visit FrostPengu’s Discord for more info about the party. You must be wondering what they might giveaway at the giveaway event? They are going to give out a custom item and an exclusive pin to only 1 LUCKY PLAYER! They are also going to customize the town and the stage for the giveaway so that users can have fun. If you ever find a bug at FrostPengu you will recieve a custom item only made for YOU!

Any suggestions for the giveaway? Any suggestions for the competitions? Comment now!




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