FrostPengu: New updates

Hi all,

FrostPengu has gone through some new updates and some bug fixes. To get started they have updated their web theme for the giveaway and there is also a notice at the home page.


The website looks really professional, and as you can see they have a notice ‘Giveaway at 2pm EST’. You must be wondering why they are hosting the giveaway event? It is probably because nobody came online that Tuesday and the giveaway had to be delayed, so they thought of doing it on Friday. They have also fixed puffles, stamps and mini-games! Cool right?

They are also going to add hues for items soon, and once again the exclusive item is a pin and everyone will be given the beta hat when they visit the giveaway after that the beta hat will get patched FOREVER.

You can visit their Discord for more info.

They are also looking for moderators, you can visit their Blog for applying. They are also going to fix multiplayer games soon, which would be pretty awesome for a CPPS + custom parties when they come out of beta.




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