FrostPengu: Interview with Nuno

Hey everyone!

Today, I decided to interview the Creator of FrostPengu, Nuno! So this is basically how it works, I will ask Nuno a few questions and he will answer them. It will be related to FrostPengu!

Question 1: How long have you been playing FrostPengu?

“Since FrostPengu opened, June 7th.”

Question 2: What is your favorite feature on FrostPengu?

“I like all the features, I dont have a specific favorite feature.”

Question 3: When did you plan on creating FrostPengu and Why?

“I planned on making a CPPS 2 months before it released becuase I wanted a CPPS that users can enjoy more.”

Question 4: Do you play any other CPPS’, besides FrostPengu?

“Yeah I do although I don’t go on them too often. I sometimes (barely) go on CPPS.me. I do go on a few others but not lately.”

Question 5: Will FrostPengu have any new imporvements  for the users?

“Yes, we will add a store and PM commands. We are also getting a custom screen for the game. Also, we are getting a custom loading screen on the game.”

Question 6: Out of /10, How would you rate FrostPengu?

“At the moment we are at about a 7 to 8/10 but we are trying to improve to a 10/10.”

Question 7: Do you dislike anything about FrostPengu?

“I don’t dislike anything, just the blog itself. We still have to work on it.

Question 8: Will FrostPengu be hiring staff members?


That’s all for today! A big thanks to Nuno for taking his time off and answering a some questions! Good luck to you and FrostPengu!

Until then,


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