FrostPengu: Giveaway!

Hi guys,

Today we have some exciting news for you! FrostPengu is planning a giveaway which starts at 1 pm EST, July 10, 2016. Yes! It means the giveaway starts today, are you wondering what the prize is? Well, it is an exclusive pin, only 1 LUCKY WINNER will get the pin! Here is a sneak-peek of the exclusive pin:

Cool right? They are also going to giveaway the beta hat to all the users, when the giveaway ends they are going to patch the pin forever. So make sure to attend the giveaway to win this exclusive pin!

Woah! They have also updated the town for the giveaway. Wait a min? I saw a text “Giveaway awards” what could that be about? Let’s check it out.

Wow! They have updated the dance club with a stage, where the staff team will host the giveaway. I love the spot lights it makes the stage look more alive.

If you’re wondering what giveaway competitions they are going to host, you can visit this LINK for more info. If you want to suggest some other competitions, you can pm one of their staff member at Discord or comment below.

The giveaway is going to be great for sure! Once again, the giveaway starts on 1pm EST.




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