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Hey everyone,

Today, I have some sad news for the users who have recently played FrostPengu. A short while ago, FrostPengu closed its doors. This was very unfortunate, especially because quite a few users played this CPPS. It lasted for a good amount of time. It’s sad to see such a good CPPS leave the community. FrostPengu definitely had a lot of players registered too, so this made it more hard for them to shutdown.

FrostPengu had many giveaways, along with several unique and certainly exciting parties. After its release a couple of weeks later, something went wrong, and half of the team quit. However, I’m not going into detail on that. Let’s just remember the fun times we had on FrostPengu. Let’s check out the former FrostPengu website and their in-game features.




As you can see, this was on Halloween. I loved the website design, and I found it to be very creative and well-designed. The party was called “Halloween Frozen Fever”.

Lastly, let’s look at the beaks.


FrostPengu will be missed very much. There is some exciting news, however, which I have saved for the near-end of this post. Nuno, the owner of FrostPengu, is making a new and improved CPPS called GlobalPenguin. We’ll have some more news about this new server later on.

Thank-you for reading my post, and have a great rest of your day! Farewell FrostPengu, you will be missed!


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