FrostPengu: Beta Parties

Hey Fellow Readers,

Today FrostPengu announced they will be having Beta Parties! Yes, that’s right. They are also giving out limited time Beta Hats! No only are they having one but they are having THREE Beta Parties! Yes, you read that right, three parties! The times of these parties are the following,

  • Today (July 6th) 12:00 PM EST – 3 PM EST
  • Friday (July 8th) 12:00 PM EST – 3 PM EST
  • Saturday (July 9th) 2:00 PM EST – 5 PM EST

Some of you may need to register still for this! If you go to the register page, you can register there. FrostPengu also gave out a public beta key! The key number is 1299922! So then you can complete you registration, and play!

When you first log in during these hours, you probably want to get the beta hat! How do you do that, you may ask? You click the bot, and click the gift box on his playercard, like shown here! BetaHathowto

Then, you’ll be given the hat! What does it look like you may ask? Well, here it is on my own penguin! BetaHatwhatitlookslike

It definitely looks awesome! What are you waiting for?!?! Go register now, and get the hat! I hope to see you there!


~ Poochie


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