FrostPengu: Beta Now Open

Hey Fellow Readers,frostpengu7516

Today FrostPengu’s Beta Opened! It also came with a new web design and a new party on the CPPS. Let’s check out the new web design!

Compared to the old design it definitely looks more professional and clean! From the homepage, you can select to either Play, or Register

When your register, you’ll need to receive a Beta Key from the Nuno or Dev321. You can private message them at the FrostPengu’s Discord Chat, and they’ll respond with one as soon as possible. To join the chat, click here. Then you’ll be able to complete the registration.

When you login, you are able to see that a new party is as well updated! The party is the fair! Take a look!fair7516

It definitely looks sweet! To start off when you first login, you can enter !addall, and then you’ll need to relog. Once you relog, you’ll have all items, then you can enjoy!

FrostPengu is also looking for a support team. If you are interested in applying, private message one of the owners. Also, a owner said there is a beta party coming soon!

This CPPS looks awesome! Why don’t you give it a try? I hope to see you guys around the island!

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