FrostPengu Back Up!


Hello everyone, as many of you know, FrostPengu went down a few days ago and thus kept people wondering on what went wrong. The reason being because they had issues with their webserver.

However after speaking to the Owner of FrostPengu and constantly keeping updated on their current status, I can happily say that they have resolved these issues and are finally back up and you can now play FrostPengu once again.


In case you forgot the link to their website, just click here.

As far as updates are concerned in regards to the game, I’ve got some good news for you guys! Here’s a screenshot that should bring a smile to your face.


Exciting, right? I can’t wait to see what’s next for FrostPengu apart from the new interface that has been announced. FrostPengu will also be added back onto the servers list later, so none of you will have to go through the struggle of finding the link to it whenever you get lost.


I hope everyone is having a splendid week! Thanks for reading, and until next time. Happy tidings, ciao!

~ Lynx/Neil.


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