FrostPengu – August 2016: Service Check

Scenario: A player asked why full screen is not showing the full screen option on the site
Staff Member Rank: Creator
Helpfulness: 9/10 – The moderator was very helpful, but had lack in some minor context.
Friendliness: 10/10 – The owner was very friendly and easy-going towards the user, and tried helping him towards the issue.
Accuracy: 7/10 – Though the owner had some spelling mistakes, the player had a convenient time understanding the user and communicating with the user very well.
Dedication: 10/10 – The owner put much dedication to the user, and did not pay much attention to everyone else and dedicated the time he had to the user to fix the player’s issue.

Overall Rating: 96%

Comment: The owner reviewed on the service check was very helpful towards the user who requested help and assisted in every way and aspect he physically was able to. The staff was very dedicated towards their role, in the FrostPengu staff team. They also went out of their way to guide the user in clearing the cache and setting up the full screen mode. They also helped with any other questions the user had.


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