FreePenguin is an advanced AS3 CPPS formerly known as Ultimate Penguin. FreePenguin has a bunch of features to offer for players. The player base for FreePenguin is mostly spanish. FreePenguin has an amazing AS3 experience, specifically customized for your liking.


Here you can customize your penguin’s settings. By your penguin’s settings, I mean nameglow, namecolor, bubbleglow and bubblecolor. You can also transform into other Club Penguin characters with this in-game manager. We can also adjust our speed,  change the hue of our player card, add items and even save outfits. Cool, am I right?


This is what you get when you click the settings button. Here is the full list of options for you to choose from when you click this in-game manager button:

  • Playercard

With playercard, you can choose from playercard styles. I personally chose the octopus one, but whatever! There’s currently a lot of playercard styles like purple, and pizzas. See?lWkNakn

  • Ringcolor

When you click ringcolor, you get a simple prompt to choose a hex code. Once you’ve chosen a hex code, your penguins ringcolor will change. Observe.ajL2Fxs


My how I love the new features that CPPSes build. There is more features built inside the settings manager. I suggest you go see these for yourself to see more because these features are pretty amazing. Let’s move on to the party switcher.

Many servers have this feature built into their source. FreePenguin/UPV4 was the second CPPS to build this feature into their servers.


Let’s try this party switcher out. So I’ve chosen one of the parties that you can select from in FreePenguin’s party switcher – the penguin prom.

Doesn’t look much different from the regular town!

This is quite a CPPS, with clean features and a neat user base!

Want to know more about FreePenguin? Play for yourself!





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