Flippr’s New Mobile App

Hello everyone,

Today, I’ve came across some news that is sure to leave you quite astonished. Upon entering Flippr’s Twitter feed, I came across a tweet saying, “Everywhere, anytime.” along with a picture of Flippr’s newest mobile app — Flippr Everywhere! Here is the sneak-peek —


Wow! Judging from the picture, it seems we are expecting quite a lot from this app. I’m sure you guys have lots questions that you demand to be answered. Well, no worries everyone! I’ve got the answers for you. —

1. Are you guys searching for beta testers?

 They are not accepting beta testers yet, as the app is still in an early stage of development.

2. Is Internet needed?

It is said that they will do two modes : One that requires Internet connection & one that doesn’t require Internet connection.

3. When the app is released, will it first go on iOS or Android?

It will be releasing on Android first. 

Well, there you go! Hope that answered all the questions you guys have. Should you have any more, you are free to type them down in the comments below and we’ll be sure to answer them. Want to view the sneak-peek yourself? Check out their Twitter here. Want to check out the CPPS that’s involved in Flippr Everywhere? Visit their homepage here.








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