Flippr – Welcoming Earth Day Party!

Hey everyone,

Flippr has come to us with a new party – Earth Day! This party is on until June 3rd. You can go green, transform, complete quizzes for rewards and so much more! To start it off, they have changed up the screen you usually see upon loading Flippr’s play page —

Go Green!

How green can you get?! Hey, let’s login and see the game itself – oh wait, what’s this?

Looks like they’ve also added a few other neat looking tools for the CPPS! Anyway, as I entered the town, I noticed they truly did update the town’s looks for this festive party. I’m going to show you it right now, and believe me, it’s so incredibly green, you’ll never get your eyes off it! —

Holy cow! Wait, what’s that green tree symbol in the corner? Let’s click it and find out, I’m awfully curious as it is…

Hey, that’s awfully neat! You go on a scavenger hunt and collect the items shown along with being given a hint on the side pasted as a note, so that’s helpful for those in need. Let me see… hmm… Okay, hold on, I’ll go look where I think one of the items is…–


Um… wait, who’s Jim? Isn’t that the dead guy from Google Chrome? Okay, I’m sorry, I need to get back on task. I’m going to examine what I found.

I found myself that item! That’s pretty neat. I don’t want to spoil the prize for you once you find every item on the list, so let your curiosity flow and get hunting! It’s certainly a very entertaining thing to do.

Have I told you many of the rooms are decorated for this party? I checked out the snow forts for myself, and this is what I came to —

Super green, awesome, and one of a kind! It also looks like my puffle has found something lying within that patch of grass. Flippr has put a lot of effort into this event, so I think you should come on down and look at how other things are with this amazing party. I highly recommend it, and you won’t regret playing Flippr!

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