Flippr: Unexpected Delays

UPDATE: I was just directly messaged by Flippr’s Twitter to inform everyone that their estimated release date is April 29th. They are planning to release by Saturday being the latest, so keep your eyes open!

Hey guys,

As we all know, Flippr was supposed to release to the public 2 days ago. Unfortunately, upon checking their Twitter account, they have made a tweet that they cannot release for another few days. Of course, many people were disappointed when they saw these tweets. Hopefully it won’t take the people over at Flippr that long to squash the bugs that were causing them problems, and maybe we can log on sooner than we think! –

As you can see, they did not set a date for their release like they did before. Maybe this is for the better, because they did have a bunch of annoying, pesky bugs come in at the very last minute. They did manage to release the site for a few minutes on April 22nd, but many users reported it was broken. The register was up in the short time being, so if you registered, then that’s great! Based off of what I have heard, I don’t think anyone was able to log on to the CPPS in those few minutes.

Wait, so I registered… Jennifer, are they going to delete my account?!

Why would they? This should be an obvious answer — no. They will not delete any registered accounts. I checked the Twitter to see this –

Well, that’s a relief! If you haven’t already made an account, waiting is the only option at this moment. The people over at Flippr are working very hard, so please be patient — until then, keep your hopes and excitement up! For any updates, be sure to follow and check out their Twitter during this short period of time. Check out their website at Flippr.eu!

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