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Hey Penguins,

Today I was told by the Flippr team that they have something new coming, which I find very interesting – Star of the Week! What is it, you ask? Star of the Week is an event that will be happening on a weekly basis. It is hosted in Teddy’s igloo and to sum it all up, it’s a fashion show, with a lot of mixing and matching! Who doesn’t love fashion shows? Not only do you get to show off your styles, but you can also have a lot of fun and be as stylish as you possibly can!

Flippr’s Announcement on Star of the Week, and how it works.
The catalog also showing what Star of the Week is.

Of course, like any fashion show, sometimes there will be themes which you have to follow to the best of your ability. Other times, the mascots over on Flippr may change around a few things and how the fashion show works as a whole, so be sure to listen to Teddy for the rules if you do take part in this weekly event!

There will be a runway that each penguin will have to go up once completed with their outfit. Teddy will be waiting at the end, and he will be giving his honest opinion on your outfit. With the time you get to personally talk to him, you can ask him for a picture, or throw any other questions you may have! Be sure not to take that long though, as other players will be waiting in line. Once you’re done, you can go over to the side and watch everyone else show Teddy their style!

There will only be one winner at the end, but hey, that winner could be anyone. In fact, it could be you! That’s only if you partake in Star of the Week, though. Hopefully you do, because if you don’t you’ll sure be missing out on a lot of fun and possible pictures with mascots! Teddy isn’t the only mascot who is going to be there, from what I have heard. Other mascots may come as well, but it depends on how big Star of the Week becomes in a matter of time.

Since there will only be one winner, that must mean they get something awfully amazing as a prize. So, Jennifer, what does the Star of the Week get as a prize if he or she wins? To start it off, the winner will be getting a few custom items, made especially for them. Not many penguins will have these custom items, so cherish them! As a second prize, the penguin has a chance to give the Flippr team a new idea for an item or outfit. The winner will also be announced in the game as well as on Flippr’s blog and their newspaper. This certain player will also have better friendship with some mascots and will definitely be more noticed by them!

Oh my goodness, Jennifer! This sounds so exciting. When is Star of the Week beginning? What day of the week is it on?

Whoa, whoa! Hold on there. I know you’re happy to hear about this, but as of right now I do not know the date for when Flippr will be beginning Star of the Week. However, I do know it is definitely starting very soon — trust me on that one! There should be an official date for when SOTW starts, so I will let you know. Until then, I suggest you log on to Flippr and enjoy your time on there as you wait for this new weekly event to occur. Maybe check out the island, and make new friends, so if you win SOTW you get to show your buddies your prizes! Hehe! Hopefully I’ll bump into you on the CPPS. Have fun on Flippr, everybody, and I’ll see you soon!

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