Flippr: Security Precaution + Virtual Penguin Potential Breach?


Hi everyone,

12 hours ago, we were alerted that there was an issue in regards to multiple account breaches on Twitter, regarding Flippr. This small-scaled attack involved many staff member accounts being breached, along with in-game accounts being breach also.

@SpeedyCPPSHQ received a large influx of tweets in regards to the situation, along with hacked accounts tweeting us about the situation. As we understood, we released a statement in regards to the issue which was noted. This was to further spread the awareness of having a strong, unique password.

This was not a database breach. The views was seen as the attacker breaking into accounts that had weak passwords, where in some cases, these weak passwords were recycled on sites such as Twitter, which further showed the reasoning for multiple accounts on Flippr and Twitter were broken into.

Flippr took to a statement saying:

Due to many people using weak passwords and our CPPS being targeted, we have reset all your passwords. Please click on forgotten password below and follow the instructions to get your new password. If you have any issues, click on contact us.

Source: Flippr

This has now enforced all account passwords to be reset.

In order to gain access back to your Flippr account, you are required to reset your password, via your registered email address, found here.

If you have used a fake email, or have forgotten your email address, you can open a ticket requesting for a new password, here.

Remember, a full-scale breach has not occurred. This was conducted only as a precaution. All passwords were reset in order to prevent further account breaches, and this is a full reminder that you do use a strong and unique password once reset.

In related news, there has been alerts of the CPPS, ‘Virtual Penguin‘, facing a security breach. Users would face the following message when visiting the site:

Virtual Penguin are yet to comment, although confused players have taken to social media and forums to address their feelings on the situation.


Earlier this week, a statement was released by Jerry, who is one of the head moderators, putting Virtual Penguin’s future into question:

Although I myself can’t get the servers back up, our developer can however, but I am unsure at this point where he even is. Right now, I am unsure of the state of VirtualPenguin, and the future of it, but I can tell you guys that we most likely aren’t shutting down, but that is not a guarantee I can keep.

Source: VP Forums

At the current time, we are unsure on the full situation until an official statement is released. In the meantime we recommend you stay cautious of Virtual Penguin, as a security breach could be at possibility.

Update: An official statement has now been released made by Jerry, it reads the following:

Both our developers quit because they weren’t getting paid for their development (even though they are the reason VP has everything it does), and the Owner kept all the money.

I’ve stuck with Felix, or Anthony for well over a year now and me and the rest of the team have gotten a lot of sh*t back for it. I moderate VirtualPenguin for free, all volunteer work, and I expect it to stick that way, until today. As I’ve seen, 3 staff members left today, including myself, making only 1 staff member left: Felix/Anthony. At this point, I see Anthony has given up on VirtualPenguin, as we haven’t actually gotten ‘hacked’ but just closed down at this point. We might be back up in the future, but i’m not sure.

Source: VP Forums

Due to the recent clarification, we now learn that Virtual Penguin’s future is undisclosed. The controversy surrounding the downfall has been an issue that has been building over time. Unfortunately, this may mark the end of Virtual Penguin.





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