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We LOVE Giveaway Month!

Hey Penguins,

Jennifer here with some rather super exciting news! As you know, it’s June. We’ve announced that we will try to get as many CPPS as possible on board to help us with this exciting event happening all this month. What if I told you this? What if I told you Flippr is planning on hosting an event run by ME, where I can give you a custom item code!

Well, that’s what’s going on! I’ll be answering any questions you’re probably thinking of right now as you read this. I’m really hoping you could make it. I’d love to personally meet every single one of you as well — that’d be amazing to meet some of my readers, while giving whoever attends an eye-catching gift!

  1. When is the giveaway taking place?
    The giveaway will be starting on June 17th, 2016, at 2:00 PM EST. So, it’s taking place tomorrow. Be sure to be there. Log on to Flippr sometime before to be ready!
  2. In what room will this be happening in on Flippr?
    The staff over at Flippr are making a custom room just for this giveaway! I’m not exactly sure how they will work out where the room is, but it will be a room made just for this event, and I’m sure we will all be sent to this very specific room. I’ll be explaining what Speedy CPPSHQ is to the unaware Flippr players, answering any questions, meeting my fellow readers, and whoever else. I’m hoping we can play a game or two for the giveaway as well!
  3. What will you be giving away?
    I will be giving away one custom item and PENGUIN GLOW TO ONE LUCKY PLAYER! As I had recently said before, whoever attends this event tomorrow will be given the custom item code which you can use by inserting into the Treasure Book. I’d like the code to be kept up for a day or two, so if anyone cannot make it to the event, they can just be given the code and can insert it into the Treasure Book and get the item from there! It’s an exclusive, so I hope you’ll be available in the next few days to receive this amazing custom item!
  4. Who will be the one lucky player to win the penguin glow? Why make such a big deal of it?
    The one lucky player will either be chosen by random, or we will play a game, such as a fashion show — and whoever has the best outfit matching the desired theme will win penguin glow. As I had also said before, I’d like to play a game or two to have fun with you guys! Penguin glow is very much a big deal because on Flippr, penguin glow is super rare for players to have.
  5. What is the custom item like?
    You’ll find out tomorrow! Let’s just say it’s something super cool and something everyone will be sure to adore.

If you have any more questions, feel free to comment them below. I’d like to personally thank Flippr for giving me this opportunity! It’s very exciting to be able to do this. I hope all of you can make it, and if so, I’ll see you tomorrow! If anything about what is planned so far is changed, I will be making edits to this post. Please check on this post as much as you can just in case any changes occur. If you would like to keep up for sure on this post’s status, join Speedy CPPSHQ’s Discord chat. If you do not have a Flippr account, register and play hereI’ll see you all very soon!



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