Flippr Giveaway Summary

Yes! You got that right. The giveaway was at the coffee shop yesterday, which was hosted by our administrator named Jennifer! If you didn’t read the past post written by her, I’ll explain it in this post about the giveaway in short words. The giveaway was about custom items and penguin glow! It will only be given to one lucky player chosen by random or by playing a game such as fashion show and whoever has the best outfit matching the desired theme will win penguin glow or else you can visit this Post for more info.

Can I see the custom items?

Sure! I’ll also mention the custom items in this post, as Jennifer said the custom items are super cool something everyone will be sure to adore.

Let’s see some fun pictures taken by one of our staff and others which will of course include the custom items!

As you can see the Speedy team and the Flippr fans had a lot of fun with the giveaway event, but wait a minute! I forgot about the items, if you use the code NAMEMYSHIRT which is available for redemption only for 24 hours. Make sure to get them fast! Here are the items that every Flippr player should unlock before 24 hours.

Thanks to Flippr for hosting such an awesome event! 😀




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