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I guess everything comes to an end like this? The most custom CPPS, Flippr, is now officially closing forever. We had some really great times at Flippr, but it comes to an end now — forever. With a very sad heart, Fang, the owner of Flippr, wrote this farewell post at their official blog:

Hello fellow fans!

Today, I’ve got some sad news for you – and sadly, this cannot be changed. I have always wanted to announce this on the close page, but after I kept all these weights on me for more than a month, I finally decided to tell you everything. Yes, just after the Ninja Party went over, I decided to close Flippr down. It was quite a hard decision for me, I loved all I did for Flippr, but simply, I couldn’t organize myself to do work on Flippr 9 to 5, go to courses which prepare me for the upcoming big year at school, have a social life and help out at home. This was impossible for me, and I had to cross out Flippr from my daily list – just the development was too much time-consuming, I had to be a designer, developer and answer all the support emails – basically, shortly after the Ninja Party started I was left alone. I hired a few people to help me as you know, and most of them left as well. Many people asked why there are no new updates – because there is nobody who can push them out or do them. School started a few days ago so I don’t have nor the time, neither the energy to keep Flippr alive.

So, exactly 4 months later after launch, it’s all over. It’s been awesome for everybody, we had plenty of events, but shortly after release we had no users playing Flippr. I have always thought that this’d get better someday, I always hoped but this never happened. I was too blind to realize the truth I was told by both Sandor and Timmy, former Flippr owners: custom CPPSes don’t win. With the CPPS community dying, it became obvious for me: Flippr has no future. And here we are today – I’m announcing our closure.

I can’t hide it – these four months were an awesome experience for me. I loved every single moment with you guys and loved working on all the parties and events we had! So, here is what we had for this short time span:

  • 4 parties (Flippr Launch 2016, Kitty Kat Week, Earth Day Party, Ninja Party)
  • 4 mini events (Summer Prom King & Queen, Jennifer’s Party, Cadence’s Chat Room, Independence Day)
  • 6 Star of the Week events (excluding the Summer Prom King & Queen)
  • Many more small social events with the community

We’re glad you’ve enjoyed Flippr! It’s closing on September 7, 2016. I won’t have any time to throw a farewell party, and I’m sorry for that, so it’s up to you to make one.

We had some really great times together at Flippr, but it’s all over. For those who don’t know what Flippr is, here are some posts written by Speedy Team which may explain.

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That’s not it, after much effort, I have successfully collected some good old Flippr memories!







Flippr will be closing it’s door at September 7th, 2016. Be sure to be around to meet your friends for the last time, and have some last few fun moments at Flippr! Farewell Flippr.



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