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Hey guys,

As we may have already heard, the popular AS3 CPPS, Flippr has come to an end.

The remake of Flippr, brought to you by uPlayEve Studios, was a big hit! Running from February 14 2016, all the way up until September 8 2016.

We leave you with a statement from Flippr’s owner, DJFang:

Dear Flippr fans,

With heavy heart, I’d like to tell you that as of September 8, 2016 Flippr is dead. It was quite heavy decision for me, and I was in doubt for quite a long time whether I should do it – but I had really no choice. Those who have read my announcement on the Flippr blog probably know the reason, for those who don’t – I simply don’t have neither the time, nor the energy anymore. I’m a senior this year in high-school, I’m preparing for university as well and simply it’s quite hard for me to push any updates or have any control over the game. Some of you may be wondering right now why I’m not handing the ball to any of my team mates – I don’t want to get Flippr in the wrong hands. Now, I’m not saying they’re not trustworthy – I just want to have 100% control over the things since I respect all of their work, Sandor’s and let’s say, I don’t want mine to get wasted. I don’t want to give the files to anybody else because of the same reasons, I don’t know how the files will be used and eventually they may get leaked. I’m not taking this risk.

So, after I cleared up the basics around Flippr’s closure, now it’s time to say how much I loved these four months we have spent together. Fun, parties and despite the low user amount, over 200 penguins logged on Flippr every day to have fun and on average, during big events such as party launch or event such as SOTW, they got over 800 hundred. Now, this may seem a lot, but there weren’t a lot online at the same time. In spite of all these numbers, every time I logged in I was greeted warmly and always did my best to have some fun with the players online – whether we just chatted or played games together, we always had fun and I loved every single moment off it.

And after this end, what am I going to do? Definitely not CPPSes. I’m over with doing and developing them anymore, I’ll just be chatting to y’all on Speedy/Aureus discord, reading the #1 CPPS blog – SpeedyCPPSHQ, helping new users in Aureus and stay true to Speedy and Aureus’ aim to rise back the CPPS community. Go check them out! speedycppshq.com aureus.pw.

I suggest you to check out my other project, mPandanda which is similar to Flippr, but with pandas! With Flippr being over, I have some more time now to do work for it, so there are going to be SO MANY new updates that both old and new players will enjoy. Since this is not as much time-consuming as Flippr, I expect to do better with it.

Waddle on!

Source: Flippr

If you are missing Flippr, we suggest you checkout uPlayEve Studios’ other project, mPandanda!

A fun game with pandas that had originally been made by Sunleaf Studios. We recreated it so everybody can play it again, enjoy the experience and meet new friends on the Internet!

Source: uPlayEve Studios

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We are sad to see Flippr leave us which will be a server missed by many.






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