Flipperville 1 month anniversary!

Hai Readers!,
Guess what? Flipperville is having its 1 month anniversary party!. The party if filled with all kinds of fun, joy and excitement! Flipperville’s designers are planning on making special custom rooms and items! The server has been up for a month now and Im really excited about it and I bet you are too! As they speak, things will be changed as the days go on and on. The party actually looks like a Western Party. So yeah, more activities will be added also. New fun things are comming up for Flipperville soon! Isn’t that exciting?. Also, Flipperville’s staff is planning to do things a little bit interesting, So they thought they could let all of us decide what do we want for the future of Flipperville! So, Join Flipperville now and have the most awesome experience of your life!

My opinion: This has been the best server Ive ever played! Its so much fun and unique! One of the things I like about it is that it isnt like other CPPS that have the word: “Penguin”, “CP” or “CPPS” in them. So this is for me the greatest experience of my life of playing CPPS! 🙂

And now for the links:

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