First Author Post, Y’all!

Hey Hey Hey!

The name’s Katie, with multiple nicknames, trust me. I’m currently a trial author and I really hope you enjoy what I have up my sleeve. My user for practically everything is Katie xo, because I’m just that creative person! I’m normally very poetic, which is quite odd to my friends because they normally see me as a comedic person, not someone very deep and in tone with their feelings. For example, one of my favorite quotes is as follows…

“You remind me of a work of art, I could stare at you all day, wondering your true meaning.”

Deep, right?

Anyway, you’re probably wondering about some things about me. So I’m going to go with the worlds most frequently asked questions;

Q; Favorite color?
A; My favorite color is pastel blue. It’s just very soothing and vibrant to me. I enjoy a lot about this color and if you like it, we share everything now.

Q; Favorite animal?
A; My favorite animal is a capybara. Don’t know why, but I just find it like a very adorable yet hilarious animal to me.

Q; Where are you from?
A; I’m from Poland, currently living somewhere in the U.S. disclosing for personal reasons. I speak Polish aswell.

Q; Favorite tv show?
A; Family guy, no doubt. American dad comes close to it, Roger is my spirit animal trust me, but I absolutely love Brian.

Q; When is your birthday?
A; My birthday is October 13th, I’m an Opal and I absolutely love it. I find it beautiful, alluring, and mystical all at the same time.

Anyway! I hope you enjoyed my first post, hoping to be back.

-King Kt


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