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Hi guys,

May 15 has arrived, which means today is the final day Mirai will be in operation.

The final steps are among us, so be sure to spend these last few moments before we close our doors for good. Take these last moments as a reflection of your experience on the Mirai/Oasis network, and experience the day with your friends.

It’s been a long journey over these past few years, with our network of servers creating a genuine impact on the CPPS Community. From countless features developed by Tybone10, they will forever be used within future servers and the impact has been innovative for current and future development of CPPSes. We ask for you to enjoy these last few moments as we have all had blast, please try to reflect on the memories instead of spreading hatred as our network of servers have a special meaning to each and every person.

Mirai is due to shutdown later today, so the staff would like to spend the day personally with users and to be seen as a friend. However, even though this is the final day, the core rules will not be excused, so please try to enjoy the day instead of causing problems. We would also like to remind that all features on Mirai are currently free, with all users receiving 1,000,000 free credits along with all credit store features. Emote packs, nickname change & snowball store features have all dropped down to 1 credit each, so you can purchase millions of snowballs for the snowball server, change your nickname as many times as you wish & own all the emote packs. You do not need to purchase standard features such as Name Glow, Bubble Color, NPC, Snowball Color, Bubble Color etc, as these have automatically been added to all old & newly registered accounts.

We look forward to see you all on Mirai, and we wish you the best of luck on choosing a new server to call home once we close. You can view a list of servers, here.

When making a decision on choosing the right server for you, take as much time as you need until you feel comfortable on the server. Mirai may have a special place in your heart, so finding another server you enjoy may supplement this.

The community Mirai has created on Discord was phenomenal. We have introduced a powerful networking tool to the community and are proud to spread this positive message of allowing not only the team, but other players (even people who you may have never spoken to before) to be given the chance to network with each other, build friendships and create memories. With that being said, the Mirai Discord chat, which is near to 400 members will remain online, along with the Speedy CPPSHQ url to access the chat, which is: http://www.speedycppshq.com/miraichat/ which you can use to invite your friends to the chat. This chat will remain online even after Mirai’s closure, and will be a perfect form of contact for Mirai players & the team.

If it hasn’t kicked in yet, or if it’s just another sad reminder, we have all enjoyed Mirai as much as you have, and like you, we will be sad to see it leave us. Thank you for creating memories with all of us, and we hope you can join us on Mirai for our final moments.

Mirai is set to close at MIDNIGHT EST.

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