Farewell CPYS

Hey guys,

Now you’ve must have already noticed that the beloved private server ‘CPYS’ is currently down. We are here to confirm it, and share a few more details.

We are still attempting to contact an available staff member, although here are the facts that we have so far:

  • The domain has expired – Tooly was the person who bought the domain, as you may remember, Tooly left the cpps community and with that, nobody renewed the domain. The domain isn’t cheap, so no staff members had bought the domain, so now the domain is now still open for purchase.

CPYS’ current expired domain, for sale by the domain company.

  • CPYS Attacked – It has alleged that ‘Marv’ and ‘Peny’ have ddosed and messed up the login page, before the cpps’ domain has expired. We are still finding witnesses of this.

Apparently cpps may not return. As Tooly has quit the entire cpps community, he would not be willing to pay for a new domain. Hammy and Pets also do not have the money to fund the game any longer either. We’re had a great time with this cpps, but eventually all cpps’ come to an end, and this is the case for cpys.

In the future, someone may make a successor of CPYS, run my new management, but it will never be the same as it once was.

CPYS was one of the largest cpps to ever exist, lasting two years, and as their database was packed, they even had to close the registration to reduce numbers of registering – that’s how popular it was! Ever since Tooly left, things have been going downhill. As Marv and Peny saw this, they thought it was a perfect opportunity to attack one of the greatest well-known private servers. Soon enough, the domain expired and so did the staff.

It has been an amazing time with your CPYS, May you rest in peace

R.I.P. CPYS 2012 – 2013

Kind Regards,

– admin

Speedy CPPSHQ Administration 



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