Fang’s Interview! (Owner of uPlayEve)

Today I have shot down an interview with Fang, the owner of uPlayEve. Let’s see what he has to say about uPlayEve.

Camden: What do you plan to do with uPlayEve?

Fang: Well, the future for the game is kind of unpredictable now and I’m unsure. Surely, I’ll always be working for the party for the next month and/or some interesting feature. For now, as for a first week of running the results aren’t nice at all, as with our comeback the hate is here, there aren’t lots of users but hopefully this will change.
I have planned some big stuff and cool parties as we all expected.

Camden: Interesting! Is there anything you plan to feature in these ‘cool parties’ or upcoming parties?

Fang: Of course, we are planning to feature awesome stuff to do at the parties!
For example, quests, hunts et cetera etc. But we are also planning to feature some new COUGH COUGH mascots.

Camden: Ooooh, uPlayEve original?

Fang: Original uPlayEve mascots, yes.
We are also planning new room additions, AND some room revamps.

Camden: Okay. Who is the team behind uPlayEve?
Such as the development, or moderation, administration etc.

Fang: Well, as we have pretty big team, I’ll be mentioning only a few mods and administration without any intentions to miss anybody. Here are the main owners:







Here are the administrators:


Darth Vader




Here are the moderators:

RockFuture (RookieEFP)






Camden:  Now, there has been recent threats against uPlayEve and some incidents have actually happened.
Can we get into more detail about this downtime and these threats?

Fang: Sure, so it all began in July when we were hacked by “VirtualPenguin”‘s Main Staff Members because of jealousy. Some of them told me later, when they quit the team that they all did it because they wanted all the users in their CPPS.  Now, there were only 8 days of running so far, but there have been more threats already starting to pop up. But VirtualPenguin’s staff known as Saturn’s or NewCP’s are DdoSing us again because they are seeing a potential threat for their user’s loss and we are too, because we are getting more and more users registered everyday. Although, yesterday we resolved the issues with the DDoSes but then BlazingFast told us that they are getting DDoS attacks and they aren’t able to handle it because they are quite powerful. So this means all of the CPPSes hosted on BlazingFast including (media.CPPS.me) will experience downtime during the evenings of UTC time.

Camden: Who founded and started uPlayEve and did your team have any intention of opening uPlayEve or thought that it was just going to be a project that would be scrapped?

Fang:  The real, original founders are the same as our main owners team.
It all happened when Rubimir asked me on old rile5.com how to make an AS3 CPPS.  I asked Dote for some help as I wasn’t really good in AS3 back then.
We hired Haroon as head of security and Pete as sponsor, so at first everybody was inactive but it was actually a day or two before Christmas last year. Apart from Dote, Teddy and I, we had really high ambitions for the game. +Teddy was making some custom items, Dote was working on server stuff and I was doing domain stuff and VPS settings. We thought it was going to be a total hit, but it wasn’t actually until May. We decided not to give up and that’s the reason why we came back at this time. We have some loyal players so our death isn’t near yet! 😉

Camden: Thank you for your interview.

Fang: Okay, thanks.


There we have it! Expect some upcoming parties from uPlayEve and maybe even some custom mascots! That’s it for now.


Thank you for reading,




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