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It’s Ray back with an exclusive news about the much-awaited MystCP! We recently contacted Lynx the owner of MystCP about the news of his new CPPS,he provided a lot (we mean it) of information and also a release date to us.
I got them all edited and without wasting a minute, here is the all news required!


This is a bit simple start screen of MystCP with a tagline:

“Where Endless Possibilities Await”

Looks promising to me!


When you click the ‘Register’ this register screen would pop-up and guild you.


A login-message pops up when you get connected to the selected server!


The player card allows music! It’s a bit simple but simple is also amazing.

You can check your player info from their custom manager!


This CPPS allows a lot Custom Settings to enhance your experience at this CPPS! Some of the most-loved are Snowball Glow and the Name Color!


If you ever want to change your password then they also have this to help you out!


MystCP also allows you give you a musical experience! What you need is the music video’s YouTube link.


You can use the Item Adder, Furniture Adder and the Igloo Adder to easily add a item you need! You don’t need to use those IDs anymore.


By clicking ‘Show Command’s under the play you can check all the Commands you can use in-game!


This is the MystCP EXCLUSIVE! It’s a tribute to James Bond movie ‘Casino Royale’ they also have some more movie related rooms for the movie fans!


They are currently planning to add even more transformations like this one here!

MystCP will release on July 4,2016! Just hold up a little longer. They are also in private beta testing for now! Shawn and Lynx will soon be giving out private beta accounts for use.

Special thanks to Lynx for providing all the information.

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