EXCLUSIVE: iPenguin’s NEW Features!

Hey everyone,

As you know, iPenguin has been down ever since the database leak. So, why has iPenguin been down for so long now? It has been down because iCPblog, the developer, is fixing up several things. He is also adding in new features! When iPenguin comes back, be prepared to be blown away. I’ll be showing all of you some exclusive pictures and I’ll also be telling you what exactly is coming so far! Now, let’s start —

Penguin Hue

What is penguin hue? It’s simple — you get to change the color of your penguin using the hue colors. It’s a fun feature, and it’s something that’s definitely great to play around with if you’re bored! I’m not exactly sure how iCPblog will be making this feature work, though I have a picture to show with the penguin hue activated. Let’s see what it looks like in action —

Hey, that’s pretty cool! Can you also spot a few other eye-catching things in this picture? I certainly can, but I’m not going to be saying anything.

Beak Hue

Oh boy, beak hue! A classic. This goes the same way as it does for penguin hue. You get to change the color of your beak to any color you’re desiring at that very moment. Let’s examine what it looks like on your playercard when used —

Whoa, neat! Of course, as you’re waddling around, your beak hue will show for yourself and other players. Hooray, more custom features for iPenguin!

Feet Hue

Wow, feet hue? I guess you can waddle around in style now! As I’ve said before, you can change the color to any color you’re desiring! Here’s what it looks like on iCPblog’s playercard —

Purple feet and a purple beak. We’re now set to run around the island showing our true colors!

Playercard Hue

Want to style up your playercard and change how the background looks instead of using that boring old blue you’re forced to have? Well, now you can! This works the same as every other — any color you’re wanting, choose, and you got it. Wow, it’s a total rainbow of updates for iPenguin so far, am I right?! Though you could see hints of playercard hue before from previous pictures, here’s a very good glimpse of how it looks with one of the many color choices —

Holy moly, I love it! These are all of the pictures I can provide you with so far. Now, I’ll be moving on to the explanations of other features.

Ring Color

You may have seen it before from the first picture, but that’s right, folks! Ring color is finally coming to iPenguin. Several of iPenguin’s players have suggested ring color many times, and now we are finally putting it into use! It’s a great feature to have, and I’m sure it’ll be costing credits in the credit store, so you better get saving right away!


What are levels? I don’t have too much of a clue, but I know levels are POSSIBLY going to be put into use once iPenguin comes back. iCPblog will be making ways for you to earn experience. Once you reach a new level, you’ll be given a new feature to use. A few older iPenguin players may have been on iPenguin the day iCPblog was letting everyone test the features which were going to be utilized whenever someone reached a new level. He was planning to release it, but he never got to it until now. I can’t wait!

Item Hue

Oh my goodness… hue, hue, and more hue! Yup, you read that correctly. Item hue may be coming along with iPenguin’s return as well. This is uncertain, as several other features are being added into the game at the moment. So, item hue may have to wait — however, don’t take my word for it, as it can come around anytime it wants to. iPenguin’s developer can become very busy at times, so let’s hope he can add this into the game right away!

Size/Alpha Bar

A sliding bar may be added into the game to change your penguin’s size and alpha. I’m hoping maybe it can be used for blends as well, but this can be very fun to mess around with!

I’m hoping this information has got you as pumped as I am! When iPenguin comes back around, I’m certain it will knock your socks off. If you’re not excited, then I don’t know what to say, as there’s a ton coming around very soon! Want to know more about iPenguin and when it’s hopefully set to come back? Click here to visit their homepage!





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