EXCLUSIVE: Interviewing Damen


Damen is one of the familiar faces in the CPPS community. He is the founder of OldCP, LeoRPG, SnailsChat and Snaildom. He has impressed the community with his magnificient work and continues to do so. Today I decided to sit down and have a short exclusive interview with him, asking about OldCP and much more! So here is what he had to say.

  • What projects are you working on, as of now?

I’m focusing on releasing videos on YouTube but I am mainly working on a second LeoRPG game.

  • What direction do you think OldCP is going?

It’s heading off onto a new and better direction. I’m proud to see people have been inspired by my work. I just hope they respect it.

  • What advice would you like to give to OldCP users?

Remember to keep checking DSGHQ for new stuff and be patient with Island.

  • Have you checked out the new OldCP yet?

Yes, it’s growing slowly but Island has already done an excellent job.

Were you happy with giving ownership to Rocket or did you hesitate at first?

When Charles wanted out of owning OldCP, I had only two other people to fall back to – Wheeler and Island. Wheeler kindly refused but Island was very enthusiastic to take it on. If you don’t know why I left, you may check out my video through my channel.

Fantastic answers provided by Damen, we will make sure to stay in touch with him for more information.

Wrapping up this post, you may check out Damen’s former and current projects by clicking the links given below. Recently, Damen also made a new chat where people can hangout and have fun!


OldCP | LeoRPG | DSGHQ | DSGHQ’s Community Chat


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