Exclusive Interview: Oura


Hello everyone,

Today I interviewed Alex one of the Admins of the upcoming CPPS Oura. I questioned him and here were his responses to the questions asked.

  • How is beta testing going?

Beta has not actually started yet, it will be very soon, we just need a little bit more work done to our CPPS first.

  • What’s to expect from Oura when it’s released?

Monthly parties will be a big thing on Oura, some of them will be custom parties too! Expect Oura to be a new modern CPPS, quite simple and not complicated and packed with features that aren’t even relevant. Oura will have all the basic custom features you would expect on a CPPS and also some new ones. Once Oura is out, we may even add an in-game manager which will replace the external one.

  • What is going to make Oura different from other CPPS?

The unique custom features and monthly parties also, some other stuff will make Oura stand out, be we don’t want to spoil it too much.

  • When Oura is released are you going to be accepting any new staff?
When Oura is released we will in fact be looking for new staff members.
  • What was the staff’s inspiration to make Oura?

Our inspiration to make Oura was from other CPPSes around the community that also have features that stand out. We wanted to make a CPPS that will stand out from the rest.

  • When do you expect Oura to be released to the public?

Oura will be released in the next few weeks or next month at the latest.

Such a great interview I had with Alex. I cannot wait for Oura to release and I hope you guys feel the same way after reading this.


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