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Hey everyone!

It’s Ray! Today I bring you exclusive Speedy CPPSHQ news! I am bringing you the exclusive sneak peeks of Flippr’s highly anticipated Ninja Party! The Ninja Party is already trending in the CPPS community, so without wasting any more time here we goooo!


This looks pretty amazing, right? Well we got more!


Ignore the date please! This party is going to be amazing.


The customized beach can’t get more customized than this, right?!

That’s what we have in store today. I would like to thank DJ Fang for providing the sneak peaks!

The party is set to release in mid-July, and is expected to have custom cards as well!

Click here to join and play Flippr!

RAYMOND (Atharv12346 in-game)

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  1.   June 21, 2016, 4:43 am

    I wish I got sneak peeks to post lol

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