Earth Day Celebration with Penguin Safari


Greetings World Travelers,

Penguin Safari is now celebrating Earth Day on their server. Many rooms have been updated with cool effects! Also, a special item can be picked up in town and it can be seen in the screenshot below, don’t be late for this very important date!

The special safari hat item will only be available during the Earth Day Celebration. Another intriguing feature is the room updates as I traveled along the server my penguin took a break in the lush and relaxing forest amongst these frogs who in fact played tunes. Every frog has a different color and sings beautiful melodies.

My penguin definitely loves the red frog and is hiding in the cattails.

Seen in the screenshot above not only do the frogs sing melodies but their mouths move as they play music. With my penguin rested it was time to venture into the Plaza and learn about the endangered species. In the plaza, you can waddle up to the hut and out pops a book. In this book, it will inform you about species that are endangered.

Reading about these special creatures was very informative and an inspiring learning experience. Venturing into the Snow Forts, I noticed a dramatic change in the room and a sign about a snow leopard.

Sitting on these mountains made me think of my penguin home and my mind drifted back to Antarctica. Well, that concludes the tour of yet another fabulous time on Penguin Safari.

That’s all for now, but If you use discord you will be able to view more details about their Earth Day party here. Thanks for reading, Bon Voyage!




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