Does the Rebel Penguin Illuminati Exist?

A while back I posted about some individuals who came out and accused the Rebel Penguin Federation of various things. You can view this post here. There is now a plot twist in this conspiracy theory. One of the defenses of the Rebel Penguin Federation was that Iaashadow created an account on a CPPS that Silverburg wasn’t registered on and faked the confessions. The individuals that have accused the Rebel Penguin Federation have now said that this is partially true. They say it was taken on another CPPS, but the confessions were made by the real Silverburg. What CPPS were they taken on, you ask? It’s the CPPS of the hypothetical group, the Rebel Penguin Illuminati.

The evidence used to support these claims is, once again, a screenshot of a confession from Silverburg. If these allegations are true, it shows that Silverburg is dumber then we all realized. Also, these screenshots show us why these individuals chose the people on their list of people that should be banned from Club Penguin Rewritten.

This is the screenshot used as evidence: https://prnt.sc/fnimeb

And this screenshot is used to show the confession was made by the real Silverburg: https://prnt.sc/fnio2h

The accusing individuals have stated that in the screenshots, Silverburg is talking to a newly invited Rebel Penguin Illuminati member. This new member, who wished to remain anonymous, is then said to have took a screenshot of Silverburg’s message and sent it to Iaashadow on Discord, who in turn gave it to the accusing individuals. To people who are wondering how Iaashadow got the link to the secret CPPS, the accusing individuals say it was sent to them on Discord by another snitch. The Rebel Penguin Illuminati, if it exists, clearly suffers from a bad management problem.

The same individuals have also used this screenshot to accuse Silverburg of being racist: https://prnt.sc/fnj6is

And this screenshot is used to show it was said by the real Silverburg: https://prnt.sc/fnj72g

To me, it sounds like Silverburg is simply making a joke, as Harambe is a meme, not being racist. These individuals seem to be assuming that simply because he brought up a gorilla, he’s talking about black people. Silverburg could just have easily been saying that the girl, regardless of her skin color, looks as ugly as a gorilla. It is simply fallacious to assume Silverburg is saying that black people look like gorillas just because you got that impression.

What do you think? Does the Rebel Penguin Illuminati exist? If it exists, has it influenced major events? Or is this simply one of those lizard alien conspiracy theories?


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