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Hello! Recently I was approached by Fice, the creator of DesertCP and he told me that he would be giving away premium to the next 50 users who joined! Exciting, right?

Now, what just is Premium? Premium is a rank on DesertCP which gives you access to a whole bunch of premium-only features and customizations! It’d normally cost $2 but the next 50 registrations will get it absolutely free!

This will go fast so don’t waste any time and head right on over to the Registration page!

But what exactly are these “Premium only features” Well let’s take a look!


  • Even more customization on how others see your message bubbles! Modify the pointer of the message with !BP
  • A customizable title under your penguin’s name! With !title, !TG and !TC
  • Penguin Glow! !PG


  • Access to 116 customizable backgrounds with !CBKG 10000 – 10116 (Woah!)
  • Playercard hue with !hue -360 – 360!
  • Mood glow and color!

!blend Size

  • Modify your penguin in interesting ways with !blend invert, !blend subtract, !blend multiply and return to normal with !blend normal!
  • Become a giant or shrink to an ant with !SS 1 1 – 300 300!
  • Change the speed of your penguin with !ps 1 – 100!


                                        From DesertCP commands page

Do you like the look of those features? I think they’re great!

And remember, there’s only 50 Premium spots open for new users so hurry while you still can!



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