DesertCP & CP+ Similarities?

Hi guys,

After browsing the DesertCP new website, we noticed something very similar that we saw in the past.

If we think back to 2014, a popular CPPS called Club Penguin+ made it’s debut, and it seems that DesertCP are following in their footsteps, taking along some very similar aspects from CP+.

We’ll let you do the thinking, but here is what we found:

Club Penguin+ 2014

Desert CP 2016

desert cp

You may surely first notice the same website theme, which is understood as it’s a great website theme! Although, looking closer we notice the slider contains the same image background as CP+, the slogan “The Latest and greatest CPPS” has also been copied, and the greetings message has been slightly adjusted to fit with DesertCP’s structure.

The slider has been seen once again, having similarities. As seen below:

Club Penguin+ 2014

cp+ 2

DesertCP 2016

desert cp 2

You again may notice certain similarities & the same text used again.

DesertCP was originally founded in December last year, by iMouse & Fice. It was then closed after just one month in operation due to financial issues. The server has now sparked a return and is carried again with Fice, who is developing the server.

That ends our little investigation, similarities can always be detected so it’s important to always use your own ideas, over taking from others as a server should take pride in being original in their own way.



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