December 2012: The month of Fun!

Ho ho ho!

December has finally hit Speedy CPPSHQ, along with it heaps of activities and events will take place this month.

Firstly, I would like to formally officially open our Christmas events for December! (It’s now Officially Open!)

Over this month, we will be having events to keep you occupied. Such as:

  • Christmas igloo decorating contests
  • Christmas penguin dress-up contests
  • Designing contests
  • Question answering (powered by Omegle)
  • Many parties
  • Mascot blogging
  • Firework rewards evening (More info about this, will be shared soon)
  • More authors
  • Blog snow 🙂
  • Fun

All staff can host events anytime they want to. The parties will be hosted by the Admin’s and selected Authors.

Also the month, there will be staff holidays which I have stated in a past post, the dates a bellow:

  • Monday 24th December 2012
  • Tuesday 25th December 2012
  • Wednesday 26th December 2012
  • Thursday 27th December 2012
  • Sunday 1st January 2013
  • Tuesday 2nd January 2012

During this time, no posts will be made by our authors. As our blog will be remain closed, as our blog will be re-formatted. We aren’t stopping you to visit the blog to look at past content, but it may be difficult to, as our blog will be messed up.

Also on the 31st of December, we will be having a massive NYE event, all staff should try to be active that day, we are expecting a large mass of people, and we will be all moving around random cpps’ on that day, having large scale events and parties. Speedy CPPSHQ will be the core for all this, and hopefully won’t crash due to the large amount of people visiting it, for updates on that day.

Now slowly moving off Christmas,

Also this month, Speedy CPPSHQ will be celebrating it’s 1st birthday! This will be a another big celebration, and heaps of fun will be planned. The birthday celebrations will last for three days, and are planned to begin on the 14th of December and end on the 16th of December 2012.

Our ‘Film, Television & Music Festival’, continues this month, with mini challenges of your music/television/Film knowledge may be tested. This is to keep you occupied, and might even be fun to play. I will be hosting the music events, any staff member can host the Film & Television events if they would like to. This festival returns today, so it now has begun again!

Remember Speedy CPPSHQ will be changing next year. Date back to my previous post for more information, also more parties are being planned, and discussed with our staff. Some extra events that may begin next year would be: Valentines day party, April fools day (week) party, different festivals and much much more!

If you are a new viewer, Welcome to Speedy CPPSHQ! The people-friendly CPPS blog, any questions or concerns? Contact any staff member, or directly me or Rexy.

Kind Regards,

Have an amazing Christmas, and have heaps of fun with our other activities!

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