Cromo’s Updates

Hey everyone!

It’s TheFedoraCat74, also known as Swegy here and you can see my face reveal at the top of this post. I am a high-quality designer. Anyways, into the post.

Today, I have got some awesome news from the Owner of Cromo.in, Fice. He told me that there are few, very interesting updates. The owner of Cromo was so nice to give me a lot of pictures and information about the future of the game. Let’s get right into it.

Fice updated the main login page of Cromo. He was kind enough to give me a picture of it. You can see it down below.

Main login screen

Looks awesome, right? I think that it is very well made and it looks fresh. The background looks great and exciting. Also, it has the new Cromo logo in the top right corner.

Next, we got some amazing designs. Make sure that you are sitting comfortable.
Fice has done some insanely good job. How many custom backgrounds does Cromo have? Place your bets readers! You will not believe what I am about to tell you.

Cromo has freaking 118 custom backgrounds! They all are animated gifs. Do you want to see them? Oh, you do? Okay, let me show you.

These are only a few backgrounds. Make sure to check out all when Cromo releases!

There are some water, abstract and many other ones. I personally love them and I will try all of them out for sure! Fice is going to make some custom pins. If you have any ideas, feel free to private message him through discord. He will be happy to get some nice and creative suggestions.

Here are the new snowballs. Some people know that I like to use snowballs a lot… they look very colorful!

New snowballs!

Now, I have gone through all of the new updates. My paws hurt so much from typing. I will go to get some rest now.

Thank you for reading, make sure to check out Cromo‘s discord and the site itself. Also give your opinions to Fice and give him some love to keep him motivated. Expect some new updates soon.

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