CPRP: First Look

Hi guys,

I’ve been recently invited to checkout a brand new Role Play CPPS, called CPRP. This CPPS was in development in late 2015, but was paused and reignited this month. The CPPS is owned by Marty and Lake whom both have been working very hard on the server. Speedy CPPSHQ will be giving you an exclusive chance in testing CPRP, find out more later in this post.

From first impressions, this server has a great appeal. If you like Grand Theft Auto, this CPPS will be perfect for your liking. The server itself is located within a very neat panel which greets you after registering to enter the website.

You are required to first register in order to be granted access to the website.
The control hub of the site. Alike a CPPS homepage, the panel offers you different branches of the site such as the leaderboards and latest news, along with having an integrated sign-in to the game.

The panel is very neat, allowing you to navigate through the different sections with great ease. Once heading over Play, the theme doesn’t stop there. The game is neatly compacted within the panel, still allowing you to navigate away with options in the sidebar.

The game itself within the panel.

You may already may begin to notice many features on the game, such as the options within the top menu bar, the custom game dock and icons placement, and the layout of the game itself. The game itself is highly revolving around the concept of Grand Theft Auto, allowing users to partake in gangs (even allowing you to create your own, recruit, kick and promote members), along with the purchases of weapons, slots and armor (soon to be added).

The different types of weapons you can choose from. As a beginner, you can purchase the ‘M4A1’, for free. Other weapons can be purchased after earning coins.

In order to purchase some of the greater weapons, you are required to have coins. Although you may have a weapon, you need to further purchase ammo via slots.

Welcome to the Slots Shop. “Your source of the greatest ammo in the world!”

You can earn points by simply killing other penguins around the island. As for coins, you will be required to get a job, such as working at the clothes shop or hospital, where for every 10 minutes you work you will receive a coin reward. You can also rob banks (with its very neat custom teleporter), but be warned. Police patrol the banks and if you’re found you could be at risk of being sent to jail for a small period of time. The police role will only be available if applied for.

When shooting, your health bar below your username will decrease until it finishes, and a killed alert will broadcast across the server via a small notification message. You will then be spawned at a hospital, where you can “recover”.

To the battlefield! The town is automatically the safe room, nobody can open fire in this room. Although, when you leave the town, you are at risk.

You won’t be disappointed! This fast-paced game will certainly keep you entertained, as it’s a unique experience.

You may also like the idea of a little competition, with extensive leaderboards covering individual players and gangs.

The Speedy CPPSHQ gang is at Number 5, with 10 points.

Points are carried through the following:

Here, you can find the top leaders in points. You can search any gang’s points by Name, sort gang’s points, and more! Just know that we don’t show gangs who have zeropoints to prevent spam. Each kill gives a gang 10 points, and each death substracts a gang’s 10 points. Good luck!

You can also individually view user profiles via the leaderboard by selecting their username to see more information about them, such as which gang they belong to.

CPRP is expected to publicly release in 1-2 weeks. Although, Speedy CPPSHQ will be teaming up with CPRP, in selecting beta testers. If you are interested in testing out this cool new CPPS, make sure you’re a part of the Speedy CPPSHQ Discord Chat, where you will soon find out further information on how to become one.

We thank CPRP for providing Speedy CPPSHQ with this exclusive first look of the game, and we are thrilled to soon allow beta testers to join us on the server.

As this CPPS has not yet been publicly released, the url will remain confidential until beta release. Stay tuned for further updates.





  • Hey, what ever happened to CPRP ( Club Penguin Role Play ) it’s been months and I’ve just been worried about it ;3;

    • CPRP closed down awhile back and the owners told someone they lost interest and they did not make an announcement about it.

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