There’s a fiesta happening on Club Penguin Rewritten

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We’ll keep this article short and simple (well, I hope it is), just for your convenience.

Club Penguin Rewritten has just started it’s Winter Fiesta, which will last all the way til January 24th.

This is actually the first party of the year on Club Penguin Rewritten (if you exclude the mini New Years Day event).

Let’s quickly discuss the party and give you a walkthrough (there are some pretty cool free items within this party).

As seen above, the Casa Fiesta makes it’s second appearance on Club Penguin Rewritten (CPR) within this party – this room originally first appeared back on Club Penguin within Music Jam 2010, and also first appeared within last year’s Music Jam on CPR.

All I can say about the photo above is there was no dancing and NO conga line whatsoever – extremely disappointing, very underwhelming performance from the penguin on the bench opposite to me as well.

Visiting the Night Club you’ll find yourself a free pair of Maracas, this room is actually from Winter Fiesta 2009 but with added maracas, there was a friendly penguin by the name of Emilythenugg whom everyone ignored – all she wanted to know was where RobertoCarlo got his hat from.

This room is also amazingly decorated.

Heading over to the Cove (which is actually a spotting image of Winter Fiesta 2008’s), you’ll find yourself a free Mini Sombrero, pretty cool, right?

The Pizza Parlor is a perfect place to grab yourself a snack after shaking your maracas about, although be careful as there may or may not be penguins disguised as moldy cheese (?).

This room is also from Winter Fiesta 2008.

Not feeling pizza? Want some coffee & nachos instead? Don’t worry bro, I got you – just head down to the Coffee Shop.

Another Winter Fiesta 2008 room, this party is Fiesta 08′ heavy.

Waddle over to the Forest and you’ll find yourself on a tiny adventure.

Alright, so I reallyyyyy wanted to DJ, Dragonflora wouldn’t let me so I (kindly) let her continue while I waited for my Fluffy to cool down a bit.

The Dock is actually one of my favourite places within this party, it’s another room from Winter Fiesta 2008 and a really good place to show off your skills as a DJ.

So the Beach is actually the only place to get decent tacos from, so waddle over there if you’re looking for yet another snack (and actually the most superior one there is).

I’m pretty sure I don’t need to mention what original Club Penguin party this room is from.

And to finish off, let’s not forget the Town.

The Night Club is actually in the shape of a gold pyramid (I think), there are decorations surrounding the town and good vibes everywhere.

For those also wondering, the green catalog on the bottom right corner will also give you the original Hawaiian Lei for free.

There are also a few other items for sale in there but they cost coins, and we don’t want to spend them hard earned coins, do we?

Overall, this party mainly brings back the original Winter Fiesta 2008, but also with it’s own little custom touches here and then – with the Casa Fiesta, extra free items and the small additional decorations here and there.

Good job to the team at Club Penguin Rewritten for putting this party together, a great way to kick off 2018.

Head over to play.cprewritten.net and get stuck in!

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