Club Penguin Rewritten: Upcoming Events (January 2018)

Club Penguin Rewritten is an AS2 remake of Club Penguin.

This post is to inform readers of the upcoming events on CP Rewritten.

January 17th – 24th

Winter Fiesta – Beat the winter blues with Club Penguin Rewritten’s Winter Fiesta!

January 17th – 31st

New Hidden Pin

January 31st – ????

New Penguin Style – Save up your coins as the new Penguin Style catalog is only in a few weeks time.

Winter Party – Get your hat and scarf as The Winter Party is coming to town.

January 31st – February 14th

New Hidden Pin

You can play Club Penguin Rewritten over at cprewritten.net

All this information can be found in the most recent newspaper, as seen in the photo here.

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