CPPSHost.me premium!

Hello, Speedy CPPSHQ!

CPPShost.me just released premium. Just donate $15 to become a premium at CPPSHost. When you become premium wait 24 hours and then log into your account.

P.S I have my new CPPS. Please visit it here:

Play Register

All the speedycppshq staff will be a moderator. admin/3 will be a founder with me.

Just forgot! Cheerios will be a founder too!

If you want me to re-confirm the link’s but in different style here:

Register: http://www.cppshost.me/?d=creg&id=1987

Play: http://www.cppshost.me/?d=play&id=1987


Lethalburg is up with a new name. Lethalberg

Thanks for reading. Wait, One more thing.

Hello, Sonic55170. I have posted something that you posted. I posted mine first. Ill give you a chance. Please read the post’s below before posting! Thank’s!

Now, Bye to all!



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  • Player,
    LethalBerg has where named LethalBerg every time,
    And thanks for creating the CPPS,
    (You should press turn Server On, because its down for some of us now (it may be CPPSHost’s wrong if so,)…)
    Waddle On!