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Today, I’ve decided to make a simple quick post on CPPSCreator about some newly released updates, first off this is update 0.5. The new updates consist of a startscreen uploader, startscreen customizer, and options to either delete your CPPS or change your CPPS name. For this update to effect, you would have to clear your cache. Let’s get onto some more explanations and details,

Let’s start with the startscreen uploading,

You would first, obviously have to login to the panel, then once logged in you should see a side navigation tool bar, as shown above. Click Manage my CPPS and you should see Manage Startscreen, Obviously click that and you’ll see the custom startscreen uploading tool in the top left corner. Uploading PNG and JPGs won’t work, the startscreen image must be an SWF. Once that’s done and uploaded you can refresh your CPPS page and you’ll see it uploaded.

Here’s an image of the startscreen uploader, clean and neat. By Jojimax

Next, let’s get onto the startscreen customization part.

Now, as you can see there are three customization options, One for the rectangular part of the startscreen (example will be shown below), one for the login button and other for the register button. Each box shown has two gradient options to change the color of it.

Here’s a quick image of a startscreen one of the fellow penguins have made. Pretty neat, different colors. Now, we’re nearing to the end of our post. Don’t leave just yet, we have a few more features to show!

Now, we’re getting onto the changing and deleting your CPPS feature,

Obviously you do everything what you did to get to the startscreen uploader, but instead of click Manage Startscreen, instead you click General Settings, to change your CPPS Name. Once you’ve entered, you should see a pretty basic long type box that says Main Settings, in that you should see CPPS Name, all you do is click that and change your CPPS name, easy right? Now if you want to delete your CPPS, you just go back and click Delete CPPS, now that will basically delete your CPPS, but not really. It’ll give you a warning and ask you if you want to delete your CPPS, so you’re saved there. All you click is Cancel if you don’t want to delete it and Ok if you want to delete it.

Well that’s sadly the end of our journey here, thanks for reading this post and hope you have a great rest of your day!

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