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CPPSCreator impressed us with a huge user base in 2014, and came back last year with a bang straight into the CPPS community. Now it’s 2016, and CPPScreator is back with some new updates for us to use.

CPPScreator has two kinds of servers: Premium and normal. Let’s start with a review for a normal server. Normal servers do not have much complexity, but they have simplicity, yet the features are plain. With normal, you can:


Walk on walls!


Growl! Although, this is for moderators and up only.

There is one more advantage to normal mode such as……..


Transformations…. my FAVORITE!

Let’s move onto premium now. Personally this CPPS mode is my favorite. Premium currently costs $5.00USD and it can be obtained easily here. Premium contains a bunch of different features that normal does not contain. Here’s some of them:





Custom or original Club Penguin party rooms!

All of these are inaccessible without premium. With premium, all of these features can be enabled on your CPPS. Your server will appear on a list of servers made with CPPScreator. If you have a CPPScreator account, you’ll be able to access these servers without an issue.

If you’d like to try out CPPScreator, give it a shot! Links will be provided below.


Click me to be redirected to CPPScreator’s homepage.

Click me to be redirected to CPPSCreator’s premium page.

Thank you to the CPPS’s that let me review CPPScreator on their CPPS.

Server credits: Samfay’s NetworkNovem Vivit

Until next time,


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  1.   July 26, 2017, 3:50 am

    me quiero aser un cpps para poder jugarlo.yque todos los pinguinos sean socios y con mejores lugares y que en la tienda de mascotas este el puffle dorado y multicolor

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