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Hello everyone,

CPPSCreator.me has hit a bumpy point on the road that should be fixed down the road.  The service we all know and rely on to make our CPPS has hit a snag. The website is displaying errors in the Register, Servers, and Panel Page. These errors are causing CPPSCreator to become unusable, causing the servers page to be blank,

Jad has fixed these issues but they’ve re-appeared once more.


Here is what you’ll encounter when you try to visit the Servers Page:

Error encountered on the Servers page

This is what you’ll see when you try to login to the panel for your CPPS:

Error Encountered on the Panel Page


The owner Jad said:

The bugs have been increasing a lot. Afraid I have to shut down for a week. Sorry.
Back on. Fixed. Expect downtime anytime this week.
For the expecting to use CPPSCreator, it’s best to wait until these bugs and issues are fixed.
Follow the updates on Discord
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