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Hello everyone!

CPPSCloud is owned by Jack and the website is used for storing archives like source codes, mediaservers and lots more! It also has an account system where you can register and login. You get to upload your own files through the file upload system. After the file is done uploading, it will be approved by Jack + the limit is only 100mb for normal accounts. Here are some exclusive sneak-peeks:

The design is absolutely beautiful! I love the background. If you have upgraded your account you can upload files upto 500mb!

To upgrade your account you’ll have to pay just five dollars. You can also see see your rank and change your password, just like a CPPS manager.

CPPSCloud allows you to download files and it also shows the upload date and time + it also shows the username of who uploaded it. Go to your Files is a place where you can manage your files.

That’s it for today! I don’t have a correct release date yet, but the Speedy Team is going to keep you updated for sure. I really hope for this project to release soon, as it is truly fantastic. They’re also planning a Halloween themed website after they release.

Thanks a lot for reading! Until next time, adios amigos.


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